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Picture this: you’re out back and taking it easy with family and friends. Your landscaping looks pristine, you’ve got all of your outdoor lighting put together, and maybe there’s even something delicious that’s cooking on the grill. What’s the one thing that’s missing? A sound system tailored to your needs that’s got the power to tie everything together with some tunes. If you’ve found yourself in this hypothetical scenario before, then you want to choose our outdoor audio installation in The Woodlands, TX. At LUX Lighting Services, we’re here to bring crisp, high-quality audio straight to your backyard. We install speakers that are specifically designed to withstand the outdoor environment, and we offer equipment that’s bundled with Bluetooth functionality so that you can crank up the sound from any device that you’re using. Get in touch with us today to enjoy unparalleled outdoor audio!

Benefits of our All Inclusive Outdoor Audio Installation Services

If you’re secretly dreaming of becoming the next “party house” when it comes to hosting outdoor events for family and friends, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. With our outdoor audio installation in The Woodlands, TX, we can set you up with an outdoor audio system that completely changes the game of hosting outdoor events. Our sound systems deliver perfectly tuned tunes that everyone can enjoy without feeling like they can’t hear themselves think. When the time comes to host your next party, you’ll be set to have everyone jumping to their feet listening to crisp, high-energy audio.

At LUX Lighting Services, we make it easy for you to integrate your outdoor sound system with your home’s network. This integration gives you seamless, smart audio control, no matter whether you’re using an app on your smartphone or a remote control. Effortlessly take control of your audio by integrating with your smart home automation: configure your system to automatically power on when you get home or set up a schedule so that it plays background music when you’re hosting an outdoor event. Our audio systems even allow you to have different music playing in different parts of your backyard!

We install outdoor audio systems that let you enjoy high-quality audio without having to compromise on the aesthetics of your outdoor area. Our speakers are specifically designed to blend in with the rest of your backyard, which makes them seem pretty much invisible. We can recommend multiple areas for installation in inconspicuous areas so that you can enjoy a properly installed and nearly hidden audio experience. Our sound systems work particularly well for homeowners who have outdoor dining areas and kitchens, and gazebos. If you’re interested in investing in immersive sounds without any of the eyesores, then call us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The outdoor sound systems that we provide as part of our outdoor audio installation in The Woodlands, TX, are much more sturdily constructed and resistant to weather than normal speakers. If you’re only using normal speakers, it won’t be long before they get damaged or wear out.

Our process begins with a design consultation, during which we ascertain how many areas you want to be covered. Afterward, our technicians will come on-site to install your new sound system by connecting outdoor-rated wires and setting up your outdoor receiver. We’ll also calibrate and test your new systems’ acoustics.

The types of wiring that your outdoor sound system uses affect your sound quality since different wiring transfers sound signals differently. The copper wiring we use, for example, can transfer sound signals with minimal levels of interference, and it’s also much less expensive than other common wiring materials to boot.

The answer to this depends on your personal musical tastes. Subwoofers are great for improving your general listening experience and the overall audio quality of your system. Still, if you invest in our rock speakers, which have an excellent bass response, you probably won’t need to ever use a subwoofer!

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