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#1 Christmas Lighting in THE WOODLANDS TEXAS

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Texas may not be a winter wonderland, but as you probably know, it sure is chock-full of holiday spirit! At LUX Lighting Services, we’re proud to be your go-to source for Christmas lighting in The Woodlands, TX. Let us ask you this: Is it really Christmas if you don’t have lights twinkling from your rooftop and trees? We think the answer to that is a hard “no”! We provide installations for Christmas lights that turn homes big and small into dazzling spectacles. If you’ve ever tried to brighten up your home with Christmas light displays by yourself, then you know that it’s no easy feat, to say the least. Instead of hanging your lights on a wobbly ladder all day long, why not give a group of professional installers like us a call instead? We’ll take care of your decorations so you can look forward to a Christmas you’ll never forget!

Benefits of our All Inclusive Christmas Lighting Services

It’s important to us at LUX Lighting Solutions that we make our Christmas light installation process one that’s convenient to all of our customers. That’s why our technicians arrive at your property with all the lights that your Christmas display needs, as well as concealed cords and timers. We provide everything so that you can count on your lights shining brightly without issues all season long and avoid running back and forth to the store. After you approve our design, we’ll get started on our seamless light installation process to get your display up and running in no time flat!

Part of what makes our Christmas lighting in The Woodlands, TX, so special is the freedom of choice that we offer our customers. Your Christmas light display should be exactly how you envision it, which is why we put together custom designs based on your best ideas. No matter the size of your property or the scope of your designs, we go the extra mile to put together a stunning light display that you love. Not sure what kind of display you want? We’ve got you covered: we’ll work with you to settle on something that meets your unique needs.

Once the holidays are over, we make sure that you don’t have to worry about taking time out of your schedule or putting yourself in harm’s way by removing your Christmas lights yourself! Our expert technicians will take care of removal and storage for you! When you’re ready to wind down after the holidays are over, we’ll be here to help you take down your Christmas lights and put them safely into storage until the next holiday season rolls around. We’ll remove your lights from your home without causing any damage to your property or to your Christmas lights themselves.

#1 Professional Christmas Lighting The Woodlands TX

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LUX Lighting Services The Woodlands TX
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LUX Lighting Services The Woodlands TX
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Frequently Asked Questions

We begin offering Christmas light installations starting in October. We do this so that we can help as many customers as possible with their designs before Christmas. We can get pretty busy once October is here, so we recommend scheduling an appointment for your installation as soon as you can.

So long as your blown bulb’s shunt remains intact, you can count on the rest of your string to keep working. If both your shunt and bulb become damaged, your light string won’t have an electric current flowing through it anymore. If these issues arise, just give us a call, and we will quickly come to fix it free of charge!

This one’s up to you — our technicians don’t need you to be home while they’re hanging your lights, but you’re welcome to stick around if you’d like! Regardless of your scheduled service date, we’re ready to tackle your exterior installation no matter what, thanks to our safe and reliable process.

At LUX Lighting Services, we don’t add hidden charges when we provide our Christmas installations or removals. Some companies charge fees to account for light removals, but we only quote all-inclusive prices with zero hidden fees. Learn more about the all-inclusive prices that we offer by giving us a call!

Our Christmas lighting in The Woodlands, TX, is performed using handy tricks that our technicians rely on to safely hang your seasonal lights. If you’d like to learn all about our Christmas light installation process, we encourage you to give us a call so that we can explain the details!

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